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Title: Brought my first tent help
Post by: Suz70 on June 11, 2016, 02:28:19 PM
Hi everyone I'm a newbie and just brought new tent vango atoll off gum tree only used once . Started to worry bout putting it up cause wanted to book one of the camping trips with u but haven't a clue how to put it up . I was so excited to get it but now feeling totally flat.
I have 2 children 12 and 5 and so wanted to take them away but feel so alone bout putting up the tent. Is there anyone out there who is a newbie and stressing bout there tent ha
Title: Re: Brought my first tent help
Post by: Blue Sky on June 11, 2016, 03:15:18 PM

Just replied on your other post  8) what sort of vango is it?  It should have a name on the bag or the front of the tent - somtehing like "Vango Icarus 500" Its probably really straightforward.  The only complicated ones are the colour coded ones with pods - and even they just take a bit more working out.

And yes, I stressed the first time.  I booked for the New Forest trip because it is local to me and I decided I could come home if I couldnt get my tent up or nobody spoke to me.   Six years later I am still SWKing and camping three or four times a year.

Go for it.
Title: Re: Brought my first tent help
Post by: WT4 on August 03, 2016, 11:36:30 AM
It's not easy to see from the start but you will be able to pitch your tent, I promise. 

Search youtube (and the manufacturers web site) for video pitching tutorials ... almost every tent is there somewhere.

Find the children something to do ... fetching water is a good job to get them out of the way.

Never be afraid to ask a neighbour to come and hold a pole or two ... most folk are happy to help if they're not busy themselves ... besides, it's a splendid ice-breaker.

You will find you have left the stress at the gate :)
Title: Re: Brought my first tent help
Post by: global2016 on October 11, 2017, 03:21:29 AM
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