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Author Topic: Calling for Single Dads with Teen Daughters - PLEASE  (Read 1603 times)

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Calling for Single Dads with Teen Daughters - PLEASE
« on: November 20, 2014, 10:47:18 AM »
Im doing a university project on the taboo of periods with dads, mainly because I was brought up by just my dad and it was always a struggle with us as he was very closed of about such things, I'm looking for some wonderful dads to answer me a few questions to help build the content for the campaign project.

Please Please Please I need your help!

thankyou, Jessica.

-How old is your daughter?
-How old are you?

1. Do you remember your daughters first period? If so what do you remember? Place? How you felt personally? Anything else you can think to add.

2. Was your daughter particularly bad with periods, suffering, heavy etc… or did you not know? Did she keep it to herself?  If you did know, did it ever bother you?

3. Did you ever have a say in the way she chose to deal with it? Tampons, Pads, moon cup etc...?

4. Any particular memories you have that stand out? Even something small? The more the better!

5. You would ever buy tampons/pads etc… for your daughter if she asked you to get them? If so why or why not?

6. Did your daughter ever suffer with period pain? If so how did it make you feel? Did you worry? Think it just came with the territory? What?

7. Did you ever research or read a book to help you understand what your daughter was going through? Or did you leave her to get on with it? Or learned as you went along?

8. Did your daughter ever talk to you about her periods? Any conversations you can remember? Did it ever get to a point where you thought ‘whoa, too much information’?

9. How hard did you feel it was raising a daughter on your own as a Dad? Anything in particular to do with puberty you were worried about at first? Or worried when it happened?

10. How do you feel about it now, that they’ve grown up, did it change your views on such topics or are you in the same mind-set? Are you more sympathetic?

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Re: Calling for Single Dads with Teen Daughters - PLEASE
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2014, 11:04:55 AM »
Two teen daughters.

It wasn't a big deal tbh ... although as with most things there are ups & downs.

#5 yes, of course.

#7 Knowledge is almost everything ... but can't beat empirical evidence.

#9 Whether the child is a daughter or a son has a marginal impact .. personality plays a greater part in the differences.

Good luck.
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